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Our soothing range of natural bathing  goodies are being added to the shop on a daily basis, so take a look below at the treats we have in store, including:









“Depth Charge” - our Explosive Bath Treat! Plenty of fizz, and a generous helping of cocoa butter to soothes and moisturise


Luxurious Cocoa Butter Bath Butters - melt in the tub, use for massage or use as shaving oil in the bath! These are our most moisturising option, ideal for sensitive and dry skins.


Bath Cupcakes - Good enough to eat! A ‘halfway house’ between our fizzy depth charges and our bath butter melts.









Our bath treats are so packed full of natural extracts, vegetable-based moisturisers and botanical goodies, there’s no room for nasties like SLS, SLES, mineral oils, talc or parabens!