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Our soothing range of natural bathing goodies include something for everyone! All are only fragranced with natural, pure essential oils and coloured with mica mineral pigments, which float delicately on the surface of the water rather than dissolving (unlike artificial dyes), so will not stain any surface and do not interact with skin, making them suitable for sensitive skin. So take a look below at the treats we have in store, including:









“Depth Charge” - our Explosive Bath Treat! Plenty of fizz, and a generous helping of cocoa butter to soothe and moisturise


Luxurious Cocoa Butter Bath Butters - melt in the tub, use for massage or use as shaving oil in the bath! These are our most moisturising option, ideal for sensitive and dry skins.


Bath Cupcakes - Good enough to eat! A ‘halfway house’ between our fizzy depth charges and our bath butter melts.









Our bath treats are so packed full of natural extracts, vegetable-based moisturisers and botanical goodies, there’s no room for nasties like SLS, SLES, mineral oils, talc or parabens!