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We have several popular gift options here at Bimble. From our small seasonal and gifts and token range, to our ‘Build-Your-Own-Gift area, where you can add in gift packaging for any range of products you choose, so you can create the perfect custom gift for that special someone, there’s something for everyone. In addition, we have a selection of ready-made gifts below.

Still not found what you want? If you give us a couple of days’ notice, we can create a custom gift for you, complete with a one-off laminated gift card, proclaiming whatever you like - from the ultimate Rambler’s Survival Kit, to an ‘Employee of the Year’ award, we’re happy to be as creative as you are!  
Drop us an email to discuss your requirements.

Gift Boxes.

Our gift boxes start at just £14.95, and there’s a choice of something for everyone, or you can build your own custom basket with our ‘Make Your Own’ option. Our gift boxes are lined with tissue or shredded kraft paper and are finished with a bow, each with it’s own explanatory laminated gift card.

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Fairy Godmother Pre-Party Pamper!.

The cold weather's well and truly upon us, so here's a thoughtful gift with a range of products designed to combat the winter chills, aches and sniffles. This gift box includes the following:

* 50ml Contraflow Shea Butter Decongestant Balm
* Back for Good Depth Charge Soothing Fizzy Bath Treat

* 50g Fairtrade Spiced Chai
* 10ml Swindlers Secret Decongestant Oil
* Hemp & Honey Lip Balm
* 25g Cane Sugar Lip Scrub


£18.95 Each

Party Animals Survival Kit.

Everyone has a resident party animal among their friends and family, and this is the perfect gift for them, with everything to help cope with their party-hard lifestyle! This gift basket includes the following:

* 50ml Brainstorm Shea Butter Headache Relief Balm
* Wide Awake Club Reviving Depth Charge Fizzy Bath Treat

* 25g Mental Clari-Tea Refreshing Herbal Infusion
* 10ml Wide Awake Club Reviving Aroma Oil
* 50ml Wide Awake Club Reviving Massage Oil
* Triple Pack SOS Skin Rescue Facial Steamer Tabs
* Pepper-Mental powerfully minty organic vegan soap 90g


£19.95 Each

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Sealed With A Kiss.
Winter Survival Kit.

You SHALL go to the ball!

Here’s a range of our most suitable products for preparing for a party, wedding, graduation or other special occasion with something to get you looking and feeling your best from top to toe (glass of bubbly not included!) This gift box contains the following:

* Con-Scenting Adults Sensual Depth Charge Fizzy Bath Treat
* Three King Awesome Facial Cleanser 50ml
* Tender Touch Triple Pack Facial Steamer Tabs
* Hemp & Honey Lip Balm
* Organic Cane Sugar Lip Scrub

£14.95 Each

Smokin' Hot!.

A really thoughtful gift for anyone with arthritis, sports injuries or muscular/skeletal problems, it’s equally ideal for the gym fanatic in your life - a matching range of our ‘Smokin’ Joints’ warming and anti-inflammatory blend. The gift box includes the following:


* Smokin’ Joints Warming Depth Charge Fizzy Bath Treat
* Smokin’ Joints Shea Butter Remedy Balm 50ml

* Smokin’ Joints Warming Bath Butter Melt

* Smokin’ Joints Massage Oil 100ml


£14.95 Each

A great present for that special someone in your life, or for a couple. The gift box includes the following:


* Con-Scenting Adults Sensual Depth Charge Fizzy Bath Treat
* Con-Scenting Adults Sensual Bath Butter Melt
* Sexy Undies Organic Vegan Soap 90g

* Con-Scenting Adults Sensual Massage Oil 100ml

* Con-Scenting Adults Sensual Bath Cupcake

* Con-Scenting Adults Natural Aroma Oil 10ml

£17.50 Each

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